We advocate for Michigan’s historic places to contribute to our economic vitality, sense of place and connection to the past.

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN) is an organization of dedicated individuals, businesses and others who are committed to maintaining the ties between our past and our future.  MHPN promotes the positive economics of preservation, which enhance property values, conserve resources, and bring new life to traditional downtowns, historic neighborhoods, and rural areass.  MHPN is about communities valuing their historic places as assets — and retaining those assets as they grow.

Please consider joining us!  For more membership information please visit our website.

Interested in writing a guest blog? 

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network hosts a blog on its website, www.mhpn.org. MHPN is pleased to extend the opportunity to our members and partners to submit “guest blogs” to be posted on our blog site.

Guest blogs should meet the following criteria:

General requirements

  • The submitter should be a member or a partner of MHPN.
  • The blog should inform or discuss issues that are important to MHPN and its membership, and should support our mission to “advocate for Michigan’s historic places to contribute to our economic vitality, sense of place, and connection to the past.”
  • The blog should be of general interest to the membership of MHPN and the larger preservation community in the State of Michigan.
  • Guest blogs may not advocate or support positions that are contrary to the mission and policies of MHPN.  Guest blogs cannot support political candidates or issues.
  • For blogs concerning specific events or deadlines, where possible, the blog should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event or deadline. MHPN cannot guarantee that blogs on time-sensitive topics (i.e. calls for immediate action) will be posted to meet any deadlines.


Blogs should be no more than 300-600 words, using appropriate language and avoiding language that is obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing or profane material.

  • All blog submissions should be final drafts. MHPN will review all submissions before publishing to ensure they meet guideline requirements and for basic proofreading. MHPN reserves the right to make minor copy changes.  If changes required in any blog posting are substantive, the author will be contacted for discussion.
  • Blogs with substantive writing issues or those that do not meet these guidelines will be returned along with an explanation of why this decision was reached.  If reasons are addressed, the blog can be reconsidered.
  • Blog submissions should include 1-2 representative photographs. It is the responsibility of the blog submitter to ensure that necessary reproduction permissions are secured. Photographs should be at least 200 dpi and should include appropriate captions and attributions.

Responsibilities and rights

  • The blog author is responsible for fact checking and ensuring that all information in the blog is factual.
  • Submissions must be the original work of the author. Any blogs found to be plagiarized will be rejected or removed and no further submissions will be accepted from that author.
  • Submitted blogs become the property of MHPN and may be used in MHPN marketing and/or fundraising materials.
  • MHPN reserves the right to decline to publish any submitted guest blog.



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  1. John McLaughlin 9 Green meadow. Nantucket. MA. 02554 says:

    I am a firm believer of knowing our architectural heritage should be preserved for the future generations to Know the evolvement of each period of change that denotes time elements in our architectual developments. I am a member of Nantucket Ma. historic district commission for 42 years this april. I am up for re-ection in april for another 3 years. Nantuckets Architectual periods began in 1600’s till today. It is the only protected period of about 800 homes and buildings of early New England architecture that was never affected by the civil war period or any other that has efected other parts of America’s architectural history. I wish you the best luck in accomplishing your goals and objectives. lBest to all. Keep healthy, John McLaughlin.

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